snowstake 1-5-14The sun will rise at 10:46 this morning and set 4 hours 22 minutes later, at 3:08 pm. We’re now gaining almost 4 ½ minutes a day, and it will be 5 before the end of the week. Should have no problem getting home after my dentist appointment today, unless that freezing rain materializes.

It’s been snowing a little but not particularly cold and not raining, thank goodness. I was worried for a bit when I saw the weather forecast Saturday, which put us in an area of mixed rain and snow, but it’s not that warm – forecast high today around 20°F. That’s a very pleasant day for Interior Alaska at this time of year.

Jet Stream 12-6-14

Forecast Sunday night for today’s jet stream. (Source)

Wondering why we have it so warm while the news is all about cold? Well, that cold air over the central and eastern states is being dumped out of the Arctic. Something has to replace it, and we’re getting the warm air heading back north over us. Since we have the Alaska Range to our south, most of the moisture yesterday fell on the south side of the range. We had only a few sprinkles of snow. Today looks wetter to me, as the local direction of the jet stream is parallel to the valleys. In fact, this morning’s weather forecast on the radio mentioned light freezing rain as a possibility. I just hope the weather lets me fly to Anchorage tomorrow – it’s on the south side of the range!