I’ve been blogging for several years now, and I’ve worked out a schedule of sorts. For 2014 I’m planning on the following.:

Mondays will remain the same, with comments on our Interior Alaskan weather, gardening, and personal observations.

Tuesdays will be optional. If I post reviews, it’ll be on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays I give the contexts of quotes I post on Twitter and on both my facebook pages. Generally these are from a fairly limited group of authors who I have found from experience produce Twitter-length quotes. This year I will again be using Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, J.R.R. Tolkien and Jane Austin as regulars, but if I find others I certainly reserve the right to use them!

Thursday is another optional day. I may use more YouTube videos on Thursdays.

Friday is the time for Jarn’s Journal. This is the remote back story of how the Jarnian Confederation (the background for most of my science fiction) came into being. Ten sentences are pulled out and repeated on my other blog, Jarnianconfederation.wordpress.com, on Saturdays as part of Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday.

Saturday here is again an optional day. I may try a few more science fact pieces, or cover special events.

Sunday I participate in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. These are blog hops where authors post eight sentences of their writing.

The special events will vary, but I do plan to cover the World Ice Art Championships. The Ice Park is open from February 24 through March 30, and I’ll probably post a video or two leading up to it as well as my photographs. I hope I can make the Tanana Valley State Fair this year (I was too weak from chemotherapy last year) and possibly other events. Anything else you’d like to see from Alaska?

And finally, a video from YouTube, celebrating the New Year on the University campus. We used to have a potluck New Year’s Eve in the glass top story of the farther building to the right, and watch the fireworks display in comfort. Considering that outdoor temperatures were often well below zero, watching from indoors was a definite plus!