These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from December 19 through December 25, 2013. All but the last are from The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey.

cover, Sleeping Beauty“The list of good reasons was shorter than the list of bad ones.” Godmother Lily’s thoughts about sleeping potions.

“Hero work doesn’t exactly pay well.” Siegfried, talking to the bird who has just assured him that he is in a rich kingdom.

“At ten, Doom didn’t seem quite as horrid a fate to avert as a girl was.” Siegfried started his hero career very early.

“No bee will abide in the presence of evil.” Rosamund’s thoughts, on seeing the bees friendly to “Maggie.”

“I wish I didn’t agree with you so much.” Rosamund speaking to Lily, who has just commented that if any Kingdom needs two Godmothers, it’s this one.

“To their mind, strength was only found in the male.” Lily’s rather contemptuous thought of the old men of the Council.

“If you feel like hitting someone, run it off.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Snowy’s advice from his mother, who knows that he will be a slave who has to hide his abilities to survive.

P.S. The photo below was taken at 12:30 today, with the electronic thermometer reading LL: translation, colder than 40 below. Merry Christmas!

S yard 12-25-13