Ravencrop 11-29-13The sun will rise at 10:23 this morning, and set 4 hours and 34 minutes later at 2:57 this afternoon. The roads are still treacherous, and probably will stay that way for a good part of the winter, and the temperatures last weekend were well below zero. We did get a little more snow, and now have more than a foot on the ground. It’s cleared off now, though, and that means cold! The ground radiates heat upward, and with no clouds most of the heat goes straight out to space.

It’s reached the point where if I want to go shopping I must leave the house by sunrise and then go to no more than a couple of stores so I can start home no later than 2pm. Almost didn’t get home before dark Saturday.

Photo on 2013-12-01 at 14Ravens are tricksters and gods in Native legends. There’s nothing uncommon about ravens up here, winter or summer, but I most often see them at road kill or dumpsters. Friday one was sitting in one of my trees, no doubt hoping to see something he could scavenge!

I’ll finish with this week’s picture of how my hair is growing back after chemo.