These are the contexts of the quotes that were tweeted from @sueannbowling between November 14 and November 20, 2013.

cover, Snow Queen“Not even a Wonder-Smith can mend a heart when it is broken.” The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey. Illmari’s statement after he realizes that the Icehart has a broken heart.

cover, Sleeping Beauty “Patience and ethics were not something dark magicians worried about.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey. One of the problems caused by the Tradition was that those fated to reenact Traditional pathways accumulated a great deal of magic – which could be harvested by the unscrupulous as well as by the Godmothers.

“There were pitfalls to relying too much on Magical protections.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.Primarily because there was only so much that Magic could do, especially when working against Tradition.

“Nothing killed mint.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.Which was why mint was still growing near the Dwarfs’ hovel. (Actually, Interior Alaskan winters will kill most varieties of mint.”

“A Princess was ill-suited to being a servant and cook.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.Not so much a matter of knowledge, as just not having the right muscles and not being accustomed to being filthy.

“I can tell when it is frustration speaking.” The Sleeping Beauty, by Mercedes Lackey.The mirror-servant, when Godmother Lily apologizes for shouting at him.

“Anything’s better than this.” Homecoming by Sue Ann Bowling. Ander’s response when Cory suggests that he let Roi try to Heal his migraine.