Snow StakeI’m home again, and back on standard time. The sun will rise this morning at 9:14 am, and will set after 6 hours 41 minutes at 3:55 this evening. It’s only about 7.6° above the horizon at noon, now, and there’s enough snow on the ground that what little radiation reaches us is mostly reflected right back to space.

Me 11:10:13We had a winter storm over the weekend. Snow this time of year is welcome; it helps insulate the ground and keeps the frost from getting too deep into the ground. This storm, however, had enough warm air aloft to produce freezing rain mixed with the snow. Not a good start to the winter. Luckily, I restocked the refrigerator and freezer Friday, so I just stayed home and avoided the slippery roads Saturday and Sunday. But we did go from about an inch of snow when I got home to nearly 8” by sunset yesterday. Today? I’ll find out when it gets light.

I think my balance is a little better, and my hair is still returning.

P. S. As of 11:30 am it looks as if the snow has settled a little, to about 6″ depth. But we are also being told to brace for another winter storm later in the week.