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It’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors (click on the logo above) and Snippet Sunday (click on the logo below.) Today I’m posting 8 sentences from my first published book, Homecoming, available in all formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse.

This is a continuation from last week, and Derik is speaking. Intense esper activity lowers blood sugar, by the way, so “esper shock” (hypoglycemia or insulin shock) is a constant danger for espers. Derik is responding to Ander’s dumping Roi in the pool when things went south.

“Good thinking. Now get some food into him. Get his blood sugar up,” Derik replied. He straightened up cautiously to stagger past Vara, on her way to the service pillar, and dropped to his knees by Nik’s side. “How bad?” he asked.

“Broken collarbone, some bruises, and one hell of a headache, but I suspect every esper on the island shares that. Derik, he pulled most of it. It was a brainstem reaction, and the instant he was aware of it he pulled it.”

So it wasn’t deliberate on Roi’s part, just lack of control.

Incidentally, last week’s image was of V 838 Monocerotis, taken April 30,2002. This week’s is the same star taken May 20 the same year. I’ll have more shots taken in September and December the same year, as well as one from 2006.

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