Karen's YardIn North Pole, Alaska, the sun will rise this morning at 9:27 am and set  8 hours 15 minutes later at 5:41 this evening.  Temperatures are forecast to be near record highs (possibly up to 50°F, more likely to the mid-40’s) with scattered rain showers. No snow on the ground yet, though there’s a chance of snow showers later in the week. North Pole was actually warmer that Tulsa, Oklahoma (where I am at the moment) Sunday morning.

Here in Tulsa, the sun rose at 7:43 this morning and will set at 6:32, for a day length of 10 hours 49 minutes. The trees are just starting to turn color, though there were some overnight frosts in the last few days. So far, though, the weather has been quite comfortable.

Photo on 10-25-13 at 9.46 PMMy hair is coming back! When I left Fairbanks my scalp was still shiny, with a few longer strands of hair, mostly white. Now it’s more like a very thin, short-napped velvet cap. It still looks strange, but it is hair returning.