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It’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors (click on the logo above) and Snippet Sunday (click on the logo below.) Today I’m posting 8 sentences from my first published book, Homecoming available in all formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse.

Roi, paralyzed and beginning to realize he is no longer a slave, has just returned from his first semester at boarding school. But has he understood what Nik, who has just arrived, tried to tell him before he left?


M100, HubbleNik, Derik ’pathed, unable to keep all of the anxiety out of his mind-voice, shouldn’t he have better muscle tone by now?

Nik looked up, startled, and walked briskly across to join them. “Here, Roi,” he said as he placed one of his hands on the boy’s and wrapped the other around Roi’s upper arm, “try to lift my hand.”

Derik was uneasy, but couldn’t analyze why. Nik’s face changed as Roi lifted his hand. “Here,” he said sharply, “let me see exactly what you’re doing.”

“Nik, don’t,” Derik started to say as his own awareness blossomed into real fear, but it was too late. He was thrown backward, chair and all, while Nik went flying toward the house wall and a volcano seemed to erupt inside his head.

What happened?

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