Pride and Prejudice blogfestHere are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling from October 3 though October 9, 2013. All but the last are from Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

“’Till this moment, I never knew myself.” Elizabeth, after rereading Darcy’s letter telling of his association with Wickham (and Wickham’s behavior to Darcy’s sister.)

cover, Pride and Prejudice“Daughters are never of so much consequence to a father.” Lady Catherine de Burgh, urging Elizabeth to stay longer.

“I should infinitely prefer a book.” Mary, responding to Lydia’s description of the fun they had greeting Elizabeth.

“You will never be able to make both of them good for any thing.” Elizabeth to Jane, who is trying to think the best of both Darcy and Wickham.

“Your profusion makes me saving.” Elizabeth to Jane, saying that Jane’s regret and compassion takes away from her own need for both.

“A scheme of which every part promises delight, can never be successful.” Elizabeth, when the proposed pleasure trip to the Lakes must take her away from Jane.

“I don’t invite myself to meals empty-handed.” Horse Power, by Sue Ann Bowling. Roi’s explanation for why he is adding things to Amber’s shopping basket and why he is paying for them.