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I’ve picked 8 sentences from my second published book, Tourist Trap. This is from a peaceful moment in their raft journey down a canyon. Roi and Flame have been sharing a sleeping bag on the gravel side bar where they’re camped, and Roi has just wakened Flame to show her something revealed by the rising moon.

NGC2074dThe waning moon was hidden from where they lay, but it shone full on the cliffs across the river, and even lit the waters’ edge. “Like they’re made of silver,” she said softly, “with a river of carved glass. Oh, Roi, it’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

“Look lower,” he said softly, “near the mouth of that wide side canyon just upstream from us. The grassy bar we noticed earlier.”

Flame shifted her attention, caught movement, and blinked a time or two to bring the moving creatures into focus. “Wild horses,” she breathed, “but they’re so dainty.”

Dainty as in no larger than a medium-sized dog. They don’t do anything beyond attracting Roi’s attention as an artist, but they do play a role by doing that.

Tourist Trap is available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The Blurb:

A vacation with his three best friends from slavery and a manhood challenge: Roi is given the graduation present he has dreamed of. Dogsledding, hang gliding, a chance to see Pleistocene animals transplanted to a Terraformed vacation world, horseback riding, sailing … all the sports he has returned to with his recovery from paralysis, and a few new ones to learn.

They’re prepared for danger from weather, wild animals and extreme sports. But none of them realize that Roi’s half brother Zhaim, determined to recover his old position as Lai’s heir, intends to kill them if he can—and he’s decided that the dangers of the trip will make a perfect cover for his schemes.

How long will it take them to realize that the “accidents” they keep running into are more than just accidents?

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