Year 8 Day 111

Exploring, like many other things in life, is mostly boring. There are surprises, both fascinating and terrifying, but mostly I am flying along coastlines that are very much the same.

SE Med2I started at the great river delta to the north, assuming I would spot the linear sea to the south if I bore east. I’d hoped to find something but desert, but this direction is as self-similar as the coast to the west. Sand and occasional rock to my right, the tideless sea to my left, and heat. I think this may be the wrong time of year to explore here, since it’s close to the summer solstice in this hemisphere. On the positive side, I haven’t encountered any major storms.

The coastline is beginning to swing north, rather before I thought it would. I didn’t follow the eastern arm of the linear sea, but I took it for granted that it also would approach the tideless sea to the north. The coast is turning north too fast, though. Of course I was following the west shore of the linear sea, before, and didn’t get too good a look at the eastern arm – perhaps I should check out that arm further?

In fact, I think I’ll do just that tomorrow. It was getting very hot for flying, even high, so I teleported to a known clone of the sweet dates and brought Rainbow a supply. She is combining them with other, tarter fruit to make a sauce for fish that is almost as good as the stuffed grouse. It’s just as well I am expending a lot of energy flying and teleporting, or I would get fat on her cooking!