Yard 9:6:13The sun rose at 6:56 this morning, and it will set 13 hours, 41 minutes and 30 sec later, at 8:38 pm. The days are shortening by about 6 minutes 40 seconds a day, and today is the last day this year the sun will be more than 30° above the horizon at noon. On the other hand we now have astronomical night again, so if the clouds clear, we can see the stars. (No local street lights, though the glow of Fairbanks is certainly visible.)

Basil 9:6:13

The basil is blackened, though the parsley and thyme (and the weeds) are still untouched.

Still no hard frosts, though I have the potted plants by the garage door, to bring in fast if needed. The basil, which is very tender, is black, and we have a few yellow leaves on the trees, but mostly the plants are still green. They’ve almost quit growing, though. I’ll need to get help soon to cut the perennials back for the winter, though there aren’t nearly enough leaves fallen yet to cover the beds. Just a yellow sprinkling on the lawn.

My balance is still poor—a side effect of chemotherapy I hope I’m soon over. Other than that, I’m feeling human enough to get back to editing the trilogy. I might start sharing bits on Weekend Writing Warriors in the next month or so.

And as of this morning, the sun is finally out.

Only a few leaves are showing color on the raspberries.

Only a few leaves are showing color on the raspberries.