cover, Snow QueenThese are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling from August 29 through September 4, 2013. All but the last are from The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey.

“It is so much harder to take a hint of scorn from the beloved than a verbal battering from an enemy.” The Snow Queen, testing Gerda to determine whether she can stand up to Kay.

“I am glad I am not a human.” The Bear, relieved that he does not fall under the Tradition.

“I only promise that I will try.” Kay to the Snow Queen, after she has given him the casket. The important thing is that he promises only to try, which is under his control.

“In a way, eventually, this would be very good for her.” Annukka’s thoughts on Kaari’s experience with the bandits.

“We will help everywhere it is needed.” Annukka’s mental promise as she plays her spell-music.

“What good is immortality without the ability to laugh, to love, to weep?” The lament of the soulless forest spirits.

“Could it possibly be deliberate terrorism?” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Marna is taking the first steps toward unraveling the source of the plague on Eversummer.