Herbs cr 9:1:13

Fall is on its way, and the sun is dropping lower and staying up for less time every day. This morning it rose at 6:35, and will set 14 hours and 28 minutes later at 9:04 this evening. We’re still losing about 6 minutes a day, and we start getting a little astronomical night (sun more than 18° below the horizon) in a couple of days.

Squash cr 9:1:13I don’t seem to have had much frost yet aside from a little burning on the ends of the squash leaves, and none is forecast for this week – lows generally in the low 40’s. Highs are in the 50’s and lower 60’s, so it’s not been exactly Labor Day picnic weather. But then we take Labor Day to mean the end of the reliable growing season. The frost covers are over the squash and herbs. I pulled back the ones on the herbs Sunday to let them get the benefit of a few sprinkles, and let out a wonderful medley of aromas. Whether I get any more squash is uncertain – we picked it clean Wednesday, when I had some help, and only a couple more flowers are showing signs of development. So far only a few leaves are showing yellow on the trees and lawn.

Thank goodness the last chemotherapy session was over a week ago, as it was the worst of the three. I was so anemic Friday that I spent most of the day Saturday at the hospital getting a couple of units of blood and going low on blood sugar every time I checked. I wonder – could the transfused blood have had enough insulin to throw me off? If so, it was certainly gone by last night!