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It’s Sunday again, time for Weekend Writing Warriors (click on the logo above) and Snippet Sunday (click on the logo below.) You don’t have to comment, but we all like feedback. If I don’t respond, it’s because I had the third (and last) round of chemo on Friday, and I’m coming down fast.

Cone Nebula detail (Hubble)Roi has managed to stop the stampede just before the panicking herd crossed the road into rough country.

The cyclist — the oldest Bateson girl — had caught up with the grazing herd and circled between the animals and the road.  She stopped next to Amber, her eyes curious as she got a good look at Roi.  “Thanks, Miz Leroy,” she said.  “I dunno how you stopped ’em, but I never ‘spected to get the whole herd back safe.”

“Luck,” Amber replied, which was true enough.  “This is Roi Laian, an old friend of ours.  Can you handle them now?”

The girl nodded, sun-bleached blond pigtails bouncing.  “Thank you, too, Mr. Lane,” she said as she turned her cycle toward the grazing animals, pushing them back away from the road.

 Once again Horse Power is free today on Kindle, as it will be September 15 and September 29. By that time I hope to have a print version and will pull it off of Amazon Select. So get your free copy while it’s available! I hope my snippets give an idea of the problem faced by the colonists in this science fiction story that doesn’t read at all like most science fiction. Look at the reviews, all 5-star except one that wanted it longer!

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