Here are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling Aug 15 through August 21, 2013.

Cover, Gate of the Cat“Power can exist without dark or light.” The Gate of the Cat, by Andre Norton. Wittle, as they face the final test.

“I do not question any power.” The Gate of the Cat, by Andre Norton.  Yonan, when Wittle insists on going forward to the power she seeks

“To each there are given gifts. Those which we cherish grow.” The Gate of the Cat, by Andre Norton. Yonan to Kelsie, on the brink of the land within.

'Ware Hawk cover“We have learned something.” ’Ware Hawk, by Andre Norton. The Old Race will never again trust Karsten.

“Men always seem to fear what they cannot find a direct reason for.” ’Ware Hawk, by Andre Norton.  Alon to Tirtha, somewhat startling her because of his youth.

“Those who weighed and balanced such acts were tarnished by the doing.” ’Ware Hawk, by Andre Norton.  Or, since the “acts” spoken of are giving aid, it is given in response to need, not in hope of future gain.

“This is a terraformed planet. There isn’t any fossil fuel.” Horse Power, by Sue Ann Bowling. The crux of the problem on Horizon.