Year 8 Day 61

RainbowRainbow may be just the helper I need. And she is definitely not interested in trying to seduce me.

In fact, I get the impression that her former mate treated her rather roughly, and that her only real regret at his death was the loss of the meat he provided. Certainly she is scarred and somewhat lame, but that makes no difference to me. What is important to me is that she is an expert at tanning and sewing hides and a more than passable cook. She is reasonably adept at butchery, and her cooking of small game such as birds and fish is mouth-watering.

So far as she is concerned, staying in one place and caring for a single person is a welcome respite from her duties to the group. Gazelle and Songbird have been advising her as to my needs (and quirks, I suspect) and my tendency to spend much of my time away exploring. I worry a little about the lack of company for her once the People leave, but Rainbow assures me she will enjoy the rest.

What is more, she likes Patches, and Patches likes her. This is a welcome change from all of my acolytes except for Songbird and Giraffe. Patches is starting to be a little stiff in the mornings, and while I plan to explore the landmass north of this continent next year, I am doubtful about the wisdom of taking Patches along. If she can provide company for Rainbow, I may be able to leave her here. The warnoff has an area effect, so they should both be safe.

Jarn’s Journal is the remote back story of the universe in which my science fiction is set. Jarn is a human-like alien who was stranded in Africa some 125,000 year ago. His story to date is on my author site.