Year 8 Day 50

Torch Flower had a daughter, and has named her Pelargonium after a local wild flower. The name is also homage to her aunt, since the plant is sometimes called cranesbill from the shape of the seed pods. I’m just glad Torch Flower’s mother arrived before Pelargonium did! One birth of these large-headed, narrow hipped People is quite enough for me! Since Gray-crowned Crane was present at the birth, I was able to stay out of the naming ceremony.


Photographer Winfried Bruenken; Creative Commons

I think this will be a good group for the couple. Crane seems well aware of Rhinocerous’s strengths and weaknesses, and willing to use the strengths while not putting him in a position where his weaknesses will harm the group.

I have spoken with several of the shamans about my own needs – mostly for help in cooking and clothing. I can, after all, teleport to wherever the game is plentiful and snatch fresh-killed prey from under the noses of the local predators, and I have found a number of sites where fruits and nuts are plentiful. It is the preparation of food and hides that gives me problems.

“What you need,” Lion said finally, “is a woman whose children are grown. Were Little Gnu and Gazelle not what you needed? But once Little Gnu was able to travel, he preferred to rejoin their group. I am not so sure Gazelle felt the same way.”

“Rainbow,” one of the shamans suggested. “Her mate was killed hunting two seasons ago, but she is skilled at cooking and making clothing. Her daughters have gone to other groups, and she had no sons. And with her foot, she has trouble keeping up with the group.”

Another Meerkat? I do not need any more attempted seductions!