Quilt Champion 8:3:13The chemo seems to be following the same pattern as last time. Maybe I can at least count on it to stay consistent.

Friday is infusion day. All five hours of it. Not so bad, if boring.

Saturday I feel fairly well, but my basal insulin goes crazy, up to twice normal. My balance is getting shaky, but I feel well enough to spend a few hours at the fair, with the aid of a rolling walker. Took in the quilt show, but the horse show grounds were too rough to handle.

Sunday the need for basal insulin crashes – 90% normal. By 7 I’m ready for bed, and I sleep until 9 Monday morning, and crash again after breakfast.

Not that I have an appetite, but I drag myself out of bed for an unwanted snack and nausea meds by 1. Joints and feet hurt. If I continue to follow the pattern of the last round, my insulin needs will rise again Monday, but I won’t feel like getting out of bed until Thursday. I did get dressed this morning, though — it has not rained, the forecast is close to 80 today, and I have to water.

Anyway, here are a couple of quilts from the show.Quilt 45 8:3:13