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Welcome to WeWriWa (click on the logo above) and Snippet Sunday (click on the logo below.) It’s time again for 8 sentences from one of my works, and not just mine: there are a number of writers on each list. This weekend Horse Power is free, so I decided to continue the stampede and bicycle, putting in bits (in order but not necessarily contiguous) until the problem is clear. Oh, and did I say the story is free today on Amazon? Grab a copy, and consider a review!

Horse Power cover“That,” [Amber] told [Roi], “is probably the exploitation the Council heard about.  Only I suspect it’s perfectly legal.  The Company controls most of the shipping, and they only bring in things they can sell for Confederation credits, not for the barter we normally use.  The only herding vehicles they import use fossil fuel.  I suppose they could be modified to run on alcohol, but the manufacture or importation of alcohol is illegal.  That leaves us totally dependent on imports of fossil fuel.  This is a terraformed planet.  There isn’t any fossil fuel, beyond some methane clathrates that we don’t have the equipment to mine.”

News: I now know that this chemo leaves me feeling only a little off for the day after, and then flattens me for the next four days.  This is day 3 of round 2, so don’t expect much in comments). I’ve pretty well lost my hair. But its bearable (if enervating) for the second and third week of a cycle. I have the editing on Rescue Operation finished, though I still need to stitch the short chapters together and do some global search and replace changes to keep the spelling consistent.. Anyone interested in a beta read?

Final question: I’ve always been very conservative about hair color. Should I try a wig in a completely new color while I’m bald? Or maybe even a photo gallery of various styles?

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