New grass pre-mow 7:22:13The sun rose this morning at 4:42, and will set 18 hours, 28 minutes and 35 seconds later at 11:10 this evening. We’re losing almost 7 minutes a day, but the summer heat is still present. It was mid-70’s to 80 last week, with only a trace of precipitation, and this coming week is supposed to hit 80 or more just about every day, with no precipitation forecast. It is cooling off to the mid 50’s at night, thank goodness.

New grass mowing 7:22:13I’ve felt well enough to water daily, so the yard and garden aren’t suffering too much. The area changed from weeds to lawn (eventually, I hope) was mowed for the first time a week ago, and yesterday only the southwest corner looked as if the grass was totally smothered. I hope it takes a second mowing all right this afternoon; I deliberately did not water it Sunday. Watered plenty of other areas, though.

new grass 7:28:132+ weeks after the first round of chemotherapy, and I’m feeling much better. The long-term effects are starting; nosebleeds and my hair is coming out in fingerfuls, if not handfuls. I’m going to have to decide whether to go (1) bald without hiding it, (2) turbaned, or (3) with a wig. The Cancer center has the second and third, and I may go a day before my next chemo (due Friday) and have a little photographic fashion show. Think I’d look too strange in a blond wig? Shall I post the photos and let people vote?