Most of this week’s quotes were from Gate of the Cat, by Andre Norton.

Cover, Gate of the Cat“Without sight, her imagination was limited.” Kelsie is trying to find her way in a darkened maze.

“Those of evil did not hang together.” Kelsie is trying to understand why one group of her enemies, the Sarn Riders, is dragging another, the Thas, to sacrifice them.

“She would have to rely on her own choices and powers.” Kelsie, lost in the dark and trying to find Yonan.

“What is death but a gate and we of the mysteries know many gates.” Wittle, arguing with Yonan.

“This is a thing beyond the bounds of what must be.” The witch Wittle when Kelsey’s jewel appears stronger than hers, though to her mind Kelsey is a thief.

“It should not be, but it is. Therefore accept it.” Yonan’s reply to Wittle.

“He needs a family.” Homecoming, by Sue Ann Bowling. Marna to Lai, after she learns the story of Roi’s birth.