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Greetings, peeps. I’m scheduling this before my first session of chemo (July 12) so I don’t know how I’ll be feeling as you read this. [update the morning of the 14th–first chemo went fine aside from blood sugar–they insisted on giving me steroids, so BS has been erratic to put it mildly!] It’s entirely possible I won’t be up to much commenting, even if I’m up to visiting. For those of you healthy enough to make the rounds, clicking on the logo above will take you to the other fine authors of Weekend Writing Warriors and their eight-sentence snippets. Clicking on the logo below will take you to the facebook page of SnipSunday.

Coralie’s group have done all they can with heavy rain and nightfall approaching, and Coralie has suggested that in the morning she sends out her dog Bounce, whose senses she is to some extent able to share.

Veil, Hubble“Then if Bounce finds a better spot, she can take you to it. But she’s pretty tired right now, and it seems to me that it’s getting darker than the storm can account for. Tomorrow?”

“Definitely wait ’til tomorrow,” Kelty agreed. “Meanwhile we’ve got at least enough emergency bars for a few days here. Might as well eat and pass out the blankets. It might cool down at night.”

Wishful thinking, Coralie thought—but she wished right along with him.

End of the chapter, and end of what I’m going to blog from War’s End, at least until I get it edited. I’m going to start putting in bits from my published books, interspersed with bits from Rescue Operation as I get it edited.

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