Year 7 Day 124

Torch FlowerBoth the shamans are men, of course. Most of the female shamans I’ve known seem to have a better feel for their own abilities. But neither Haboob nor Stillwater is willing to give up a single group member, even though neither of them is, at least in my opinion, capable of handling the group size they have. The only thing I see as keeping their groups together is the lack of anyone else capable of leadership in either group.

Certainly neither Rhinocerous nor Torch Flower show any capacity for leadership. Rhinocerous has all the power of his namesake, but seems satisfied with the adulation of every girl in the camp. His choice, Torch Flower, is likewise the center of attention of the young males at the Gather, but is decidedly not a challenge to Haboob, though I suspect he has his eye on her for a second mate. But Stillwater will not allow Rhinocerous to join another group, nor will Haboob allow Torch Flower to leave.

“If the shamans keep it up,” Songbird predicted darkly, “Rhino and Flower will take off on their own and they’ll both starve.”

I groaned. “If they either one knew anything ….

Songbird grinned as she put her youngest child to her breast. “Well, Flower knows more than I did when you rescued me. Her mother saw to that! And Rhino’s quite good at hitting what he throws things at. He just needs to learn what to throw at. And he’s not all that fond of fish.” Her eyes sparkled with malice.

Somehow, I thought to myself, picking an acolyte has become a way of helping the People, rather than my own convenience.

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Jarn’s Journal is the journal of a fictional human-like alien stranded in Africa roughly 125,000 years ago. He has gradually joined the People, primitive humans who, much to his annoyance, persist in treating him as a god. His story is part of the back story of the universe in which my science fiction is set.