The first six quotes are from The Skies of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey.

Cover, the Skies of Pern“We cannot change minds and attitudes overnight.” Lord Groghe, after the first attack on the Healers and Glassmakers.

“The benefits of technology are often ambivalent.” F’lar, discussing the attacks and possible reasons.

“We know the problem; it’s the solution that eludes us.” Seball’s reply to Groghe’s statement that the younger generation doesn’t want to work for anything.

“Some will never understand.” Jaxsom, commenting on the fact that few seem to understand what the dragonriders did to eliminate thread as a future problem.

“Those are happy to believe easy lies rather than complicated truths.” Jaxson again, commenting on the tendency of those with poor education to be easily misled.

“Boats are replaceable. Lives are not.” T’gelllen to the dragonriders sent out to rescue people of a fishing village from a tidal wave.

“You don’t go asking guests for favors.” Bowling, Horse Power. Timi to his children when they hope to get Roi to Heal a broken-winged bird.