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This finishes the 2013 blogathon, and I certainly hope I never wind up doing another from a hospital bed! I’m reasonably perky right now aside from water retention, but I’ll be starting chemo in a couple of weeks so no promises about visiting once that starts! First priority is going to go to editing Rescue Operation.

I’m choosing sentences from near the end of the chapter I’m blogging from War’s End, continuing on from last week. Next week will be Horse Power again, as it will be free again next weekend; then a final snippet from War’s end. After that? I think I’ll go back and pull bits from my published works. For right now, Coralie is speaking.

NGC2818, Hubble“And what Kelty said about Michelle trying to take us to a ‘safe’ place—that feels right, too.”

“What about having the dog and Kelty scout for a better spot for a permanent camp tomorrow?”

“Can the dog warn me of vegetation it isn’t safe to touch?” asked Kelty. “I’m not a wilderness explorer type! The best at that would probably be Coralie, but she obviously can’t right now.”

Coralie looked over at Bounce, who was sprawled on her side sound asleep, and then out at the rain and the dense vegetation, barely visible in the light of the fire they had built. “It might work better if I sent her out by herself first, with the order to look for a safe place. I can see through her eyes a little, so I’ll have some idea of what she finds.”


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