The first six quotes tweeted by @sueannbowling from June 20 through 26 were from The Snow Queen, by Mercedes Lackey.

cover, Snow Queen“There are always repercussions to everything, magical or not.” Annukka, reflecting as she is weaving a spell of protection into a cloak.

“Life moved at the pace of the land here, not the pace of man.” Describing the land of the Sammi

“If a teacher did not come to you, it was up to you to find the teacher.” Part of the way of the Sammi.

“A necklace—now that was an investment.” A major courtship gift indicated the man was serious in his intentions.

“Strong magic had to acknowledge fear in order to conquer it.” A basic principle of magic.

“Difficult? No more difficult that teaching a cat to herd reindeer.” Annukka’s thoughts on getting the Sammi to fight together.

“There will be a next area, I have no doubt about that.” Marna, trying to convince a planetary administrator to boil all drinking water during a plague she suspects is water-spread. Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap.