WildRose 6:23:13The longest day – and the shortest night – of the year are over. On June 21 the sun rose at 2:58 am and set at 12:47 the following morning, for a night just 2 hours 11 minutes long. It’s not much longer today – 2 hour and 13 minutes, with sunrise at 3 am. Between Cornell, Cambridge and Anchorage I haven’t been home much – but it’s been hot. Highs in the 80’s have not been uncommon, nor have daily temperatures 10°F above normal. It was so cold in May, however, that the wild roses are still blooming. (They hadn’t started when I went down to Anchorage June 11.)

TameRose 6:24:13As regular readers of this blog probably know, I’ve been in the hospital for unexpected abdominal surgery. I may say more after talking with the doctor here next week, but it looks like chemo is ahead. The pathology looks negative so far and the grade was low, but it seems I had a very aggressive type of cancer and they want to play it safe. I’m pretty short of energy now (they just took the staples out Friday), and I have a feeling that blogging during chemo is going to be way down the list of priorities. I’m going to do my best to finish the blogathon (my energy should still be on an uphill curve for that) but from then on I’ll be lucky to keep up with Monday weather updates, Wednesday quotes, and Weekend Writers.

I had to skip what would have been my first Kachemak Bay Writers’ conference, but the way the surgery turned out I’m glad I didn’t postpone it to July so I could attend. I’ll probably skip the creative writing at the Summer Arts Festival for the first time since it’s been offered, too, though I hope they’ll let me drop in if I have a good day. I hope I have energy enough to be able to work on the editing of Rescue Operation; I talked to my editor last week and I think I finally have the plot arc working.

Meanwhile, enjoy the roses, wild and domestic. It was 86° yesterday when I took the photos, and the mosquitoes were out in clouds.