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Sunday again, and time for another snippet from War’s End. Audi has been discussing with the group the idea that they may be able to figure where on the planet they are. As usual, you can get to the list of authors on Weekend Writing Warriors by clicking on the logo above, and to the Sunday Snippets facebook page by clicking on the logo below.

Helix nebula, Hubble[Audi] glanced out into the rain and darkness. “But all that will do is locate us approximately on a map.” She went back to inventorying their scanty supply of diapers.

“I’d better have one of those diapers,” Madame Irela said. “No, I know how to change a baby, Coralie!”

Ginger was going though her medical kit, her expression thoughtful. “Coralie, do you think that dog of yours really knew something was dangerous about going on the courier?”

“Yes, I told you that.”

In context, Bounce had to be physically trapped to get her onto the courier in the first place – and her breed is noted for their esper abilities.

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