All but the last quotation are from The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Map of Eriador“Any sound from behind seemed ominous and unfriendly.” The hobbits in the wilderness after Frodo’s wounding, hearing Glorfindal’s horse on the road behind them. This is another section that was changed drastically in the movie, which does not even have Glorfindal as a character, but has Arwen take his role at this point.

“We needed you. I did not know what to do without you.” Frodo to Gandalf as they meet again at Rivendell.

“There are many powers in the world, for good or for evil.” Gandalf to Frodo at their first meeting at Rivendell, after saying he was held captive.

“You have seen a thing or two since you last peeped out of a looking-glass.” Frodo to his reflection, as he prepares to join the other for dinner at Rivendell.

“Always a bit more to discover, and no knowing what you’ll find around a corner.” Sam to Frodo, trying to describe Rivendell.

“Tongues run on when speaking of their handiwork.” Specifically, Dwarves’ tongues! Frodo has just asked Gloin how things are going with his people.

“There’s no possibility of keeping it secret anymore.” Derik, speaking of Roi’s true status. Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap.