I’m in Anchorage today, and last Friday I had surgery for what turned out to be an ovarian cancer. Luckily we got it early, though I have to wait for the pathology report to be sure. Anyway, the days here are a little shorter and the sun a little higher in the sky than in Fairbanks. Sunrise 4a:21 am and sunset at 11:41 pm, with temperatures (though I haven’t been out) in the high 70’s and sunny.

Back in Fairbanks, the sun rose at 2:59 this morning, and will set at 12:46 tomorrow morning. Latitude make a big difference his time of year! Fsirbsnks has reached its usual stste starte of warmer than Anchorage this time of year — it’s in the high 80’s.

(On the remote chance you haven’t figured it out, the new laptop has a mouse equivalent that is driving me crazy!)