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Sunday, and time for snippets from a multitude of talented authors. To reach the list at Weekend Writing Warriors click the logo above; for Snippet Sunday, click the one below. I’m afraid I won’t be around for comments this week; I’ll be barely out of surgery by the time you read this and probably won’t  feel much like making the rounds. (this is, by the way, the first ime I have ever been asked  t0 fart.)

I’m breaking away from War’s End for a week to post a snippet from a story, Horse Power, that’s FREE Saturday and Sunday on Amazon. This is from very near the beginning, when Roi has rented a bicycle, the main mode of transportation on Horizon, and is peddling with Amber from the town to the ranch Timi and Amber, colonists on Horizon, are developing. For the reader’s information, Amber is 39 and Roi is 40, and they were first acquainted as children. Please consider reviewing it.

Rotten Egg Nebula, Hubble“What kind of business are you here on?” Amber finally asked, her curiosity becoming too strong to resist.

“Rumors have reached the Inner Council that the Horizon Company is illegally exploiting the colonists.  So of course it’s ‘send Roi to check it out.  He needs the experience.’  I’m the youngest on the Council, and they treat me like a nice little boy to be patted on the head and given simple errands to keep me busy.  I do need the experience, but they don’t have to be so damn condescending just because most of them are over a millennium old.”

Amber started to reply, then strained her ears as a sound other than the wind and the sound of their own tires on the dirt road reached her.  Yes, it was the yodeling bleat of silkies, the sound they made when upset and running, with the pounding of hooves becoming more audible as she slowed to a halt.

A stampede?

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