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Sunday’s the day for snippets from the work of several writers. You can go to Weekend Writing Warriors (click the logo above) or the Snippet Sunday facebook page (click the logo below) for a list of participating authors and links to their snippets. (My apologies for leaving out the links. It’s fixed now.)

I’ll probably be reading only today–just found out I have to go to Anchorage for surgery, and I’m frantically trying to get everything squared away here, so I’m pretty busy..

I’m nearing the end of the chapter I planned to post from War’s End. The castaways have finally understood why they found themselves tumbling though the jungle instead of on a spaceship, but they still need to figure out exactly where they are and how they can contact help. Kelty has just said that if there’s a hidden Confederation base on planet he doesn’t know how to find it, and is still speaking.

Christmas Ornament Hub“Or where we are, for that matter. We could probably work out latitude, but there’s no way of getting longitude without information we don’t have. And if Colo’s working with the Maung-possessed any base here has very likely been betrayed and taken out. Or maybe not—that in itself would direct the Council’s attention to Rakal, and Colo won’t want that right now. Though Council attention would be our best hope.”

Audi checked something on the reader before she spoke. “If we have a working timepiece on Central time, we can get the longitude by observing local noon. If the skies clear up.”

Longitude and clocks—that was a historical problem, too. But between the darkness and the rain, all they can do now is plan for the next day. I’m going to leave them there next week, and break with another excerpt from Horse Power, which I plan to make free next weekend. I’d love reviews.

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