Maple leaf cr 6:2:13

Home again! And during the two weeks I was away it’s gone from the end of winter, with snow patches still in the yard, to summer. The trees aren’t fully leafed out and it’s dry – extreme fire danger. But the daytime temperatures are now in the 80’s. I doubt that the few drops of rain we had last night will help much.

The sun rose this morning at 3:26 am and will set at 12:15 tomorrow morning. That’s a total of 3 hours and 8 minutes with the sun below the horizon, and I know from the ride back from the airport near solar midnight Saturday that the sky will remain peach pink all night. Sunrise and sunset blend into each other this far north as midsummer approaches. The day is still increasing in length by about 6 minutes a day, but that will taper off soon.

The delphiniums and columbines are growing like mad, and the white violets are already blooming. The spirea has leafed out and is even showing flower buds, with the roses a little behind. The lilac and the Amur Maple are barely opening their leaf buds. And incredibly, I haven’t seen a mosquito yet. Maybe it’s too dry for them?

(The metal bars in the photo? I haven’t gotten around to removing the cage that keeps the moose out in the winter.)