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Back to War’s End, and Madame Irela, who’s just volunteered to feed Michelle until Coralie has milk for her, is speaking. I’m entering this in Cambridge, but should be home (if exhausted) by the time it goes live.

Hubble NICMOS“You concentrate on keeping us alive, at least until you have milk for her again.”

Coralie hesitated, but Michelle had no objections, and Madame Irela clearly knew what she was doing. “All right,” Coralie said once she was convinced that Michelle was as satisfied as she was going to be. “We need to know what we have — let’s check the emergency kit first — and discuss whether we’re going to stay here, look for a better place, or try to find help.”

“I’d say here or within a few hours walk, if we can,” Kelty said as he laid out the contents of the emergency kit. “Michelle would have brought us to some place that felt safe to her. Any ‘help’ we could find on Rakal would more likely than not be Maung-possessed. There may be a Confederation base somewhere on Rakal, but if so it’ll be well hidden and I have no idea of where it might be.”

So they have some idea of what to do once it’s light again.

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