Graduation photoSorry for the size of this 50-year old graduation photo; my laptop apparently doesn’t agree with wordpress. Ever since I left home photos are centered and large, no matter what I tell it.

In Fairbanks the sun rose this morning at 3:46 and will set 20 hours and 6 minutes later at 11:52. The days are still getting longer, but not as fast; tomorrow will be only 6 hours 30 sec longer than today. Temperature? As of right now, 5 am Alaska time, it’s 48 °F but the forecast says 81°F for the high. Again, I’m not experiencing this. I’m in Boston (well, Cambridge) for my 50th Harvard reunion. Here it gets dark at night and I can enjoy the unusual combination of warm temperatures and dark skies. (Well, it’s supposed to be warm by the end of the week.) The day is only 14 hours 58 minutes long here. It’s warmed up, according to what’s on line–forecasts high73°F  today, and it’s already (9 am local time) 54 °.

That said, the skies are clear, I am hooked up to wifi, and as soon as I get some essential shopping done I’ll check on and answer comments from yesterday.