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I’m getting toward the end of the snippets I plan to post from this scene in War’s End, but I still have a few weeks to go before I switch to my published works. Ginger is speaking, and she’s just said that that young a baby — Michelle’s only a month old — could not possibly mange the energy and momentum matching required for a smooth teleport.

Dark Matter Ring, Hubble“That’s why we landed a bit apart and moving relative to our surroundings. Just getting us all here alive on pure instinct—wow! She’s Inner Council material, I bet. Here, Coralie, try this.” She handed Coralie a bladder-like object with a nipple.

Michelle obviously considered the bladder’s contents a poor substitute for her mother’s milk, but she was too hungry to hold out for long. “Give her here,” Madame Irela suggested. “I’ve raised four of my own and helped with ten grandchildren, and I’ve had plenty of experience with that kind of feeding.”

At least Coralie’s getting a break from almost non-stop nursing, though she’s still stuck with figuring out what to do.

There are lots of us posting snippets of our work today. Click on the logo at the top for Weekend Writing Warriors; on the logo at the bottom for the Snippet Sunday facebook page. Again, I’ll be really late getting around. I won’t be spending as long in the air today (Ithaca to Boston) but have no idea what internet connection will even be possible at my 50th Harvard reunion.

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