Here are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from May 2 through May 8. All but the last are from Lore of the Witch World by Andre Norton.

Cover, Lore of the Witch Wordl “Out of darkness comes even greater dark.” Elfreda’s warning to Hertha that vengeance is not the answer. “The Toads of Grimmerdale.”

“In these days we take what fortune offers, we do not often please ourselves.” Hertha, coming to the inn alone and on foot. “The Toads of Grimmedale.”

“A man mostly made his own luck.” Trystan is certainly trying to make his. “The Toads of Grimmerdale.”

“When one is driven by a lash one takes any way to free oneself.” Trystan, recognizing that Hertha’s desire for revenge, though mistaken, is something he can fully understand. “The Toads of Grimmerdale.”

“To seek death willingly is also a sin.” The Abbess, warning Hertha against trying to go again into the Waste to free her baby. “Changeling.”

“We all choose our own roads, some with less cause than you.”  The abbess as Hertha starts into the Waste. “Changeling.”

“Don’t try to ford anything you’re not sure of.” Bowling, Tourist Trap. Timi’s advice to Flame as she sets off to find Roi, but it’s a pretty good general rule.