These are the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling between April 25 and May 1, with their contexts. All but the last are from Fortune’s Fool, by Mercedes Lackey.

Fortune's Fool cover“We are the servants of our people and our fathers.” Both Sasha and Katya are the children of kings, and must be at the service of their respective countries.

“You don’t take a prisoner to a room with a chandelier, as a rule.” Sasha’s reasoning when he taken by the guards of the Queen of Copper Mountain.

“Since there never has been, she believed there never would be.” An advisor to the Queen of Copper Mountain, thanking Sasha for convincing her that the spreading desert could be a threat.

“People who never face danger never believe that danger can come to them.” A continuation of the same advisor’s comments.

“My mate will tell you I talk before I think sometimes.” Gina, after she has inadvertently insulted the Wolf.

“If you do a lot of thinking, especially thinking for yourself, you get better at it.” Katya to Yulya, the swan maiden, as they are plotting against the Jinn.

“Flagged jumps were supposed to be smooth!” Bowling, Homecoming. Due to Zhaim’s own actions the Bounceabout has made a jump without everything being set up properly, and Zhaim has been knocked unconscious as a result.