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It’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop where a number of authors post up to eight sentences from their writing, published or unpublished. Click on the logo above to get to the list of authors. The one at the bottom gives the facebook page for snippet Sunday, with more authors.

Hubble HH34My snippet this week is again from War’s End, the story I’ve been giving excerpts from for some time. A group of five adult Humans, a baby and an alien have suddenly found themselves on an alien, hot, unfamiliar jungle planet. Coralie (the baby’s mother) has suddenly been told she is in charge.

They were looking to her for leadership? But her lessons in wilderness survival were deep-rooted, even if they applied to a different wilderness. “Inventory,” she replied after only a moment’s hesitation. “We need to know everything we have, no matter how useless it seems. Uh—‘Red?’ ‘She?’”

Audi grinned and tapped out something on the reader. The Maung responded by changing color to a tapestry of reds, threaded with gold and black. “That’s her name,” Audi said.

I’m on the A to Z Challenge this month, introducing some of the characters from my books. Drop in for an introduction. The baby’s father, Roi, was introduced yesterday, and her grandmother will be talking tomorrow.

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