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The top foot of my 3′ snow stake as of 7 am 4/15/13

The sun rose this morning at 6:14  and will set, after 15 hours and 15 minutes, at 9:29 this evening. We’re still gaining about 6 minutes 50 seconds a day, but it doesn’t feel like spring. We’ve had hardly a thawing day this week until yesterday, but the forecast suggests a little warming this week. That means highs in the low 30’s for the most part, with chances of snow. The snow stake says we still have two feet of snow on the ground.

I tried to take a picture last night about 9, but there was too much reflection in the window. I’ll try again this morning, since I have to get up early to make my OLLI classes—no less than three tomorrow. One on Feet, Teeth, Ears and Eyes for us old folks (tomorrow’s ears) at 9 am, one on Oceanic Deep Water Formation at 1 pm, and one on Alaskan Authors at 2:45. Tomorrow’s Your Inner Fish at 10:45; Thursday is Genealogy for two hours in the morning, and Friday is Beringia (the land area that included Alaska, Eastern Siberia, and the dry land that is now the Bering Sea when sea levels were lower during the Ice ages) at 10:45 am. And my Q post, the only one not written for the A to Z Challenge, needs to be written before Friday. Busy week!