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Pistol star, HubbleIt’s Sunday again, and time for Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop where a number of authors post up to eight sentences from our writing, published or unpublished. Click on the logo above to get to the list of authors. The one at the bottom gives a facebook page with more authors.

My snippet this week is again from War’s End, the story I’ve been giving excerpts from for some time. A group of five adult Humans, a baby and an alien have suddenly found themselves on an alien, hot, unfamiliar jungle planet. The pilot of the ship they were on, Kelty, is summarizing their abilities, and he has just asked the oldest of the group, Madam Irela, what she can do. We are in the point of view of Coralie, the mother of the baby.

“Politics and diplomacy,” the old woman sighed. “I’d probably be of most use as a baby sitter and cook, assuming we can find something safe to eat. And I still want to know what happened. I certainly was not expecting this when I agreed to represent my continent!”

“Immediate priority’s survival,” Kelty said. “Coralie, for right now I think that puts you in charge. What do we do first?”

Coralie stared at him for a minute.

The last thing Coralie was expecting was to be put in charge, though in fact she has been in acting charge for some time.

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