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Year 6 Day 32

Well, they’re back.

Orange sunsetI tried to explain my map, now transferred to a hide with Songbird and Meerkat’s help, to the gathered shamans. Songbird seems to have figured out that the map in some way corresponds to where I have been, though for the most part she considers it some sort of incomprehensible magic. Rather as I regard their ability to find their way around by using landmarks, I suspect.

The general reaction of the shamans could be summed up as “But we are standing here, on grass. How can we also be standing on that piece of hide?”

It might be possible to teach WildDog what a map means, but would it be wise? In fact, is it wise to let him grow up here? There are no other children here, and it has taken him only a few days to discover friendship with other children coming in. Songbird and Giraffe, likewise, are delighted to renew bonds with their old friends. Is it fair to them, to keep them here?

I need to think more deeply about this.

This is an except for Jarn’s Journal, supposedly the journal of a human-like alien stranded in Africa some 125,000 years ago. He has made contact with a group of primitive, nomadic humans, three of whom (with their child) are staying with him at the area where the normally scattered family bands meet once a year.

Letter KKyrie Talganian is R’il’noid and non-aging, but she is not a High R’il’noid and thus not a member of either Council. She is a blue-eyed blond who loves food but has a constant weight problem. Although she is a borderline esper (she finds teleporting difficult, for instance) she has superb truth-sense which she uses in her role as a Confederation adjudicator. In Homecoming she is serving a brief term on Central, the Confederation administrative planet; by the time of Tourist Trap she has been reassigned to Falaron. She is a long-time friend of Elyra’s, and is happy to invite Derik and Elyra to Falaron for a brief vacation. (Falaron is within teleport range for Derik.) She is speaking from near the end of Tourist Trap, shortly after Derik and Elyra have arrived.

Tourist Trap coverOh, it’s a beautiful planet, and I enjoy being here. And the food! Derik, I might have overreached in having you pay for half of what I sent the youngsters from Gralen’s, but we all have to dine there while you’re here. I wish I could eat as much, and have it show as little, as you do.

I do feel a little overworked at times, being the only Confederation adjudicator on planet. Three or four cases a day! But it’s a fascinating place – you should see the mammoths and saber-tooths! Roi’s loving it, or at least he was the last time he contacted me. I didn’t really believe it when you said he was quite artistic, but he’s been drawing everything. I’ve seen some of his sketches through his eyes, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them myself.

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