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These are the quotes tweeted between April 4 and April 10, 2013. All but the last are from Andre Norton’s Lore of the Witch World, a collection of short stories.

“No man or woman might ever turn again and decide upon some other path once their feet were firm set on one of their choice.” “Sand Sister.” Tursla, recognizing that she has made an irrevocable choice in leaving Tormarsh.

“We need only face squarely what comes.” “Falcon Blood.” Tanree, after she has managed to destroy Jonkara.

“A land so rent produces in time those with a natural bent toward evil.” “Sword of Unbelief.” Outlaws have flourished after the war that rent High Hallack.

“To have some knowledge but not enough is a thing which eats upon one.” “Sword of Unbelief.” Elys is trying to track Jervon, and feels crippled by her lack of training in her gifts.

“I must remain me.” “Sword of Unbelief.” Elys is fighting the compulsion of the creature which has ensnared Jervon.

“How does one kill a god? With unbelief.” “Sword of Unbelief.” Perhaps not a god, but a supernatural being that has Elys and Jervon in its hold – unless they can summon enough disbelief to rescue themselves.

“How much could he do at once?” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Roi is trying simultaneously to protect himself and a friend, hold torn blood vessels together, and Heal the friend’s injuries – all without training – and is beginning to realize that he may have bitten off more than he can chew..