Flame is slave-bred, a redhead with green eyes and a very fair (but not freckled) complexion that sunburns easily. At the time she is speaking from, she has never been outdoors and has never seen the sky. She is an important character in Homecoming and Tourist Trap, though she does not appear in Horse Power. She is the least intelligent of Roi’s companions, but the most loyal. She has an eidetic memory: she can recall every detail of something seen once. She is a bit of a clothes horse, and she has the height and figure to pull it off. Here she speaks from before the start of Homecoming.

Homecoming coverOf course I can dance. I was bred to dance. Long legs, long body and arms, perfect coordination and I’ve been made to perform exercises that boost strength, coordination and agility ever since I can remember. My breeder was a master instructor in the dance, and when I was old enough he began putting me into his classes.

How old? What do you mean? Years? Numbers? I don’t understand those, just the rhythm of the dance. I’m still growing, I know that.

Classes. My owner had me dance at times with those he had in for training, and one of them was really good. Snowy, he called himself, and somehow we both danced better together than apart. Even my owner noticed and he bought Snowy, saying he’d train us as a pair. Snowy thought as he danced, and sometimes he would come up with variations that my owner really liked. I wasn’t so happy when Snowy wanted to add Amber and Timi so we’d have four dancers, but he pointed out that four of us, dancing really well together, would bring a high enough price that we’d likely be treated well or at least not just thrown away. And maybe we could even train other dancers when we got too old to dance ourselves.

That last didn’t seem very important to me, but staying together was. Snowy, and later Amber and Timi, were the first friends I’d ever had.

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