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Year 6 Day 1

Africa OutlineI now know what this continent looks like. Meekat and Giraffe looked at my map with total bewilderment, obviously not seeing any relationship to the ground on which they stood. I tried to explain to Songbird, the only one who had ever seen the ground from high above. “You know how things look smaller when you are far above them? Well, this is how the land would look if you were very, very high. So high you could see water on all sides.”

I should have known better. Being Songbird, she immediately demanded that I take her up that high.

“There isn’t any air that high,” I told her. “You couldn’t breathe.”

She looked at me, puzzled. “But you can always breathe.”

I started to mention difficulty in breathing on top of mountains, and almost immediately realized she had never been up a mountain high enough that she would be short of breath. And most of my exploring has been along the coast; the great waterfall, my original landing site and the lake we live on are almost the only internal points marked on my map. I really should find out if there are any really high mountains on this continent.

Maybe the shamans will understand. They should be here soon.