Fortune's Fool cover

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These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted between March 28 and April 3, 2013. The first six are from Fortune’s Fool, by Mercedes Lackey.

“People who thought they were in love were not noted for rational behavior.” Sasha has induced a Rusalka (the ghost of a betrayed girl who drowned herself) to scare young people into behaving – but he has some doubt whether it will always work.

“Being madly in love wasn’t always a good thing.” Sasha decides to sing about a contented couple rather than a love song.

“Quiet does not make for stories and songs.” The Tradition does not like peace and quiet.

“Small corrections, made early, rendered the powerful magics unnecessary.” The sentence starts: “Songweavers worked in small ways, not large ones, and yet”

“I do this because … I have to. I have to, or I wouldn’t be true to myself.” The quotation continues: “I can make things better, one day at a time, for most of the Kingdom. We’re given a choice in our lives, to make things better, or worse, or merely endure like sheep. I choose to make things better, as much as I can.”

“An emotion as powerful as love tended to get all tangled up in the magic, and make complications.” Part of the explanation of why magical creatures and humans tended to have different moral codes.

“Most people are convinced that it can’t happen, so they don’t let it happen.” Sue Ann Bowling, Tourist Trap. Roi’s explanation of why teleporting another living human being is extremely difficult.