These are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from February 28 through March 6 from @sueannbowling.

Cover,, One Good Knight“Every creature that knows it is mortal has some hope for something good on the other side of death.” Mercedes Lackey, One Good Knight. Periapt, the dragon. He continues, “And every version of Paradise is different. And, I suppose, they can all be true.”

“The cleverer you are, the more responsibility you need.” Mercedes Lackey, Fortune’s Fool. Katya’s father believes that idle hands (and minds) breed mischief.

“Keep in mind that I don’t tell you everything.” Mercedes Lackey, Fortune’s Fool. Sasha’s father supports his son, but does not tell him what he has no need to know.

Fortune's Fool cover“It didn’t do to laugh when you were playing a flute.” Mercedes Lackey, Fortune’s Fool. Sasha has to stop himself from chuckling at the unicorns’ reaction to his playing.

“When you don’t know, you wait.” Mercedes Lackey, Fortune’s Fool. Katya has come on two witches fighting over a shogun, and is not sure which to aid.

“Even a would-be goddess should beware of Godmothers.” Mercedes Lackey, Fortune’s Fool. Godmothers have very high status (and abilities) in the five hundred kingdoms.

“Feral cats can really mess up an ecosystem that hasn’t evolved with them.” Bowling, Horse Power. The reason that no felines (including house cats) were included in the terraforming of Horizon.