Here are the contexts of the quotes tweeted from @sueannbowling February 7 through 13.

Cover, Zarsthor's Bane“Hatred does not last forever, no matter how hot or how deep it has run.” Andre Norton, Zarsthor’s Bane. Brixia, taken over by some spirit she does not recognize, speaks to Marbon who, it seems, has been taken over by an ancient hatred.

“Hate dies—but while it lives it can twist and torment the unwary who summon its aid.” Andre Norton, Zarsthor’s Bane.  More of Brixia’s possession.

“A hasty speech cannot be recalled for even one word.” Andre Norton, Zarsthor’s Bane.  The lady of the white gems, when the fight is brought to a feast where she is a guest.

Lore WW“You sought no power, so it was freely given to you in your need.” Andre Norton, Zarsthor’s Bane. Marbon to Brixia, admitting that he sought power for power’s sake and was denied.

“How power comes to one does not matter—how one uses it does.” Andre Norton, Zarsthor’s Bane. Marbon, wondering at what Brixia has accomplished.

“I have come to hate any act which makes man or woman unwillingly serve another.” Andre Norton, “Spider Silk” from Lore of the Witch World. Rothar, a survivor of the war of Alizon against the Dales, is speaking as he ferries Dairene to the island of the spiders.

“Kinetic energy shouldn’t be a problem if I’m just changing direction, not speed.” Sue Ann Bowling, Homecoming. Roi is leaning to teleport, and trying to think of all the conservation laws he needs to remember. But he’s forgotten Coriolis acceleration.